Coming Soon - Modules For DirectAdmin For WHMCS And HostBill

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Coming Soon - Modules For DirectAdmin For WHMCS And HostBill

Postby Piotr » 3rd June 2013, 10:47 am

Seeing the growing interest in DirectAdmin modules for WHMCS and HostBill, we decided to meet your expectations and release ModulesGarden DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS 1.6 and ModulesGarden DirectAdmin For HostBill.

Some of the new features of DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS 1.6 will be:

  • Apps Installation with Softaculous and Installatron
  • Backups Management:
    1. Restore from local / ftp
    2. Restore from different dates (daily - 7 days - weekly - monthly)
    3. Restore from admin backups and reseller backups
    4. Option to remove and re-create the user account (with module admin control)
    5. Backup and restore for the existing account (user level) - user can also remove backups in user level backups
    6. When user is working on create backups / restore in userlevel he would be able to monitor the disk space usage graph (on the main page of the module) and there will be a text and link to upgrade the disk space (category page), also from the admin area there will be an option to select the minimum disk space % for backups

We are aware of new HostBill policy, therefore DirectAdmin For HostBill (which is nearly ready) will be our last module created for HostBill.
Module will have a similar functionalities that DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS has and it will be released later in June.

Check Out Also Our Other Products Which Support DirectAdmin:

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Re: Coming Soon - Modules For DirectAdmin For WHMCS And Host

Postby INTIO » 3rd June 2013, 12:57 pm

Looks promising, like the softaculous feature.

I'm Interested.
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