OnApp Cloud Module for WHMCS - Bug Resolution

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OnApp Cloud Module for WHMCS - Bug Resolution

Postby [email protected] » 31st July 2014, 3:46 pm

This is pretty much a copy/paste of a support ticket I've just sent through, just to see if anyone from the forums can shed any light on this too. Thanks:

We have a client who has a US and a UK OnApp deployment, and an established WHMCS system used for billing and selling other services outside of OnApp. He wants to integrate the OnApp Product Modules with his WHMCS installation. Simple you may think?

We have been plagued by bugs and oddities from the offset. It took 3 of our engineers nearly a week to set up and configure the VPS Module. This turned out to be down to an SQL query in the module that had a capital letter in it when it should have been lower case.

But anyway, to re-focus, the Cloud Module. The issue we are currently having is the following:

We have created the product correctly within WHMCS, making sure to set all the required product options int he module settings, including the hypervisor for VM's to be deployed onto, and the data store on which to place the disks that will be created. These are saved correctly in the module settings. The defaul configurable options and custom fields are also generated correctly.

We then set this product up on a test client and log in to the Cloud Service client area. We attempt to create a VM within the test accounts. Most things here appear to work fine, except that the drop downs to select which datastore to deploy the VM disk and the SWAP disk to are still client controllable, and on top of that, they simply dont work, the drop downs are empty. So 2 things there, 1) we dont really want to the client to be able to change the datastore. That would end up damaging the OnApp environment the client is running. And 2) The drop downs dont even work anyway, so we cant even test the VM creation because we get met with the following error when trying to build the VM:

"(data_store_group_primary_id) could not be found.. (data_store_group_swap_id) could not be found.."

So to clarify, VM/SWAP disks need to be on one data store zone (the one we set in the products module settings), but for whatever reason, it doesnt pick that setting up, it asks the client for the datastore, which then it cant even select anyway..

I realise we are not a direct customer of yours, so support may be limited. I'm really just throwing this out there as we are at a loss and neither the OnApp Support Team, nor the WHMCS Support Team seem overly willing to help out with this. We have valid OnApp licenses, and we ourselves (as well as the client) have valid WHMCS licenses etc... Would really appreciate your input on this.

Best Regards,
Dave Byrne
VooServers Support Team
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Re: OnApp Cloud Module for WHMCS - Bug Resolution

Postby Piotr » 1st August 2014, 9:25 am

Hello Dave,

I cordially invite you to open a support ticket.
We will try to help you.

Link to our support.
Piotr Dołęga
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Re: OnApp Cloud Module for WHMCS - Bug Resolution

Postby [email protected] » 1st August 2014, 11:37 am

Hi Piotr,

Thankyou! I have opened a support ticket yesterday. Ticket number #724628.

Many thanks,
Dave Byrne
VooServers Support.
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