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Re: A Handful Of Information About Resellers

Postby whi » 30th March 2013, 2:36 pm

Hello Piotr,

I cannot open a new topic to this thread. I tried the reseller modul. When I oreder a new product/domain I cannot select the subaccount. I use the Verticalsteps order template but I tried the slider too.

Could you help me please?
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Re: Missing subclient field

Postby Piotr » 3rd April 2013, 10:21 am


I am sorry for the troubles. I fixed the problem and from now, you can create new threads in Resellers section. Same as in any other section. I also moved your post into a separate thread.

The problem you describe is probably caused by one of the following matters or both of them:

1. You have no subclient (contact) or subclient is not enabled in the module admin panel. Make sure that you have at least one subclient and it's enabled.
2. You haven't switched your template correctly. Make sure that you have followed the instructions located in the 'Integration Codes' section. More information you can find in our Wiki at point no.8: http://www.docs.modulesgarden.com/Resellers_For_WHMCS#Installation
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