Facing issues with SolusVM Extended Cloud Module

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Facing issues with SolusVM Extended Cloud Module

Postby chetan.sonar » 13th December 2014, 11:57 am

Hi Guys,

Already emailed this issue to support but we can't wait for their reply.

We have purchased a license for following SolusVM modules :
- SolusVM Extended VPS
- SolusVM Extended Cloud
- SolusVM Extended Reseller
- WHMCS Advance Billing
- DNS Manager for WHMCS
- IP Manager for WHMCS

Out of these we have successfully configured SolusVM Extended VPS and SolusVM Extended Reseller. We are facing issues with SolusVM Extended Reseller and WHMCS Advance Billing (Hourly Bill).

The issues we are facing are :

1) SolusVM Extended Cloud :
- After configuring SolusVM Extended Cloud Module, the Client is not able to manage the Virtual Machines.
- After clicking on the Manage button (From WHMCS Client Login) it shows a blank screen.
- For the same client we are able to manage the Virtual machines from SolusVM Client Panel.
- We would also like to know the Logic of SolusVM Extended Cloud Module, If I will manually create a client from SolusVM Control Panel I am not able to create any Virtual Machine for the Client from SolusVM Client Panel. When we create a new client from WHMCS and selects SolusVM Extended Cloud package for the client, WHMCS Client login allows us to create the Virtual Machine. So we want to know, how this works ? As SolusVM only allows Resellers to create the Virtual Machines.

2) WHMCS Advance Billing, Autoscale addon Modules:
- If we install Advance Billing first and then install the Autoscale Addon Module, the Autoscale installer extracts in different directory.
- Anyhow if we manage to work both of these addon modules together, then we can't see Hourly Billing for configured Package (SolusVM Extended Cloud) inside WHMCS Client login.
- If we enter the integration code it causes the issues to WHMCS Client login, the screen shows the directory listing.
- How to configure both of these modules together?

Guys, its been a week now we are waiting for your proper reply. That's why I am posting these issues on your forum, expecting a quick reply to this post. This is our test environment and we want to confirm all available features prior going to the live environment.

All the login details are already provided in the ticket #660188.

Chetan Sonar.
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Re: Facing issues with SolusVM Extended Cloud Module

Postby Piotr » 17th December 2014, 12:30 pm


From what I can see, two of our developers have already reached you on Monday and the ticket is in problem solving phase. We are sorry for a little delay but sometimes finding a reason, which quite often is caused by the missing API functionality or unexpected behavior of it, might take some time.
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