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DNS Manager

Postby dyggz » 30th March 2016, 10:04 pm

Hello and thank you for any help in advance.

I recently installed the DNS Manager for WHMCS and after a few tries, got it working. The issues I encountered were with permissions restrictions related to 'adddns' and 'killdns' which my host fixed. Now I have a very bad problem.

Last night the zones were working and my client's domainname directed to his subdomain in my WPMS install. This morning it is all broken and I can't figure out why. The domain name doesn't resolve to an IP anymore.

I tried to delete a different zone file in his account last night for the domain name and got this error:
Something went wrong. Check logs and contact admin, Error Token:3abbfa44543b4036e821a58fb0733cbf

Looking in the logs it says:
[message] => Unable to find Item with ID:7
[code] => 0
[token] => 3abbfa44543b4036e821a58fb0733cbf

But my suspicion is that something broke at this point.

Does this mean anything to you? I am deperate to resolve this issue and get the domain working again.
Thanks again.
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Re: DNS Manager

Postby dyggz » 30th March 2016, 10:12 pm

OK - somehow I have fluked into solving this.
This time when I deleted the zone I didn't get the error. It worked. So I deleted both domain name zones and added them back and it worked again.

Makes me nervous..?
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Re: DNS Manager

Postby Joanna » 31st March 2016, 11:11 am

No worries, we will certainly investigate the case and find the real cause behind your issue. Please tell us, what DNS servers you are using?
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