DNS Manager Not Importing Data?

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DNS Manager Not Importing Data?

Postby LennonZA » 28th May 2014, 3:59 pm

Hi guys,

I'm having difficulty with one of the domains that we host.

It's registered via WHMCS; linked to a cPanel account and, according to the DNS Manager module, has been successfully imported.

Obviously, the idea is that a client can log in to his client area and check / modify his DNS settings without having to launch cPanel, but with this domain no data is displayed when you click on the DNS Management button nor do you have the option to add any records.

At first we thought it might be an issue with the zone records, but we're checked these and they are definitely in place (and can be edited via cPanel as well as WHM Accelerated. We've removed the zone and re-added it; checked the module again and can see that it's imported, but we still site with the same problem.

From what I've seen previously, if the data hasn't been imported then you simply import it manually via WHMCS: the giveaway being that the DNS Management icon isn't displayed in the client's account, but the button is there.

I've checked the other domains under this client's account and the module is working perfectly for them.

What's also odd is that if call the domain up in the module's Zones List and click on Manage Zone, then it launches the DNS Manager and displays all of the existing DNS entries as it should.

If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears because right now I'm confused. :?
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