Post here the language translations of our modules and receive a 25% discount!


Postby Piotr » 12th September 2013, 5:31 pm

Cannot find the translation of a module or extension that you need?

Translate the product yourself, share the language file on the Forums, and contact us to
receive a well-earned 25% promo code for any annual license available in our Marketplace!

1x Translation = 1x 25% Discount

How to translate WHMCS module? - Click!
How to translate Magento extension? - Click!

1. A translation has to be unique in order for you to be entitled to a discount. A translation is considered
unique when pertains to the module in a version that has not yet been translated to a certain language.

2. Each post must be titled in the following manner: The module's full name & version - Language

Example: DNS Manager For WHMCS 2.2.1 - Polish

3. Each language file shared on the Forums is subject to verification. Our Support Specialists may suggest
some edits before granting you the promo code in case the translation lacks important elements or it has
not been submitted in line with the rules.

4. Any topics unrelated to the translations of ModulesGarden modules and extensions are not permitted
in this section.

The promotion does not apply to Product Linker For WHMCS.
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