Some suggestions for Time Tracking Center

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Some suggestions for Time Tracking Center

Postby WindsorBoy » 10th August 2014, 3:25 am

Here are some suggestions for your next release of this product. We've recently purchased a license for this item, but there are some issues that we hope will be dealt with in the next release or two.

Some of this I previously included in a support ticket, but I thought perhaps it was worth repeating here.

The way that this product handles multiple currencies needs fixing. In our case we invoice in both Canadian and US dollars. Our base currency is USD but many of our clients are Canadian and for those we invoice in Canadian dollars.

In our situation, when we create a task we specify an hourly rate, for example $30.00 per hour but your application assumes that this rates is set in the default currency when really this should be in the clients currency. To fix this you should add a drop down box next to the hourly rate that allows me to select which currency this rate should be invoiced in, with the software defaulting to the clients default currency. Likewise, in Setup/Addon Modules/Time Track Center there should be an ability to set default hourly rates in each of the currencies that are configured within WHMCS.


1. You might think about adding the ability for clients to not only purchase support hours, but also support incidents. So, for example, a client could buy 5 support incidents. These are sort of like hours but there is typically no time element associated with incidents. When a client asks us to do something associated with a billable incident, we do the task and reduce the number of available incidents by one. They can, therefore, buy either incidents or hours, or both.

2. It looks like you're trying to implement a solution that is part time tracking and part project management. This is fine, but there are lots of times when really all we want to do is bill time a client against a sort of general support budget, but your solution requires that a support person select a predefined task when working with the "Work Sheet". I think there should either be a built-in task called "General Support" or a way to bill time without selecting a specific task. For now we are just creating a task called General Support to resolve this issue.

3. There needs to be a way to tie this in to the ticketing system so that if a client submits a support ticket we can perform the work and either create a task or bill time against their account directly from the ticket. If you do this please keep in mind that some of us also use the WHMCS Project Management add-on for managing larger projects so you don't want to bump into how this add-on fits into the ticketing system.

4. Perhaps this is really a bug, but on the worksheet when we select a task the task list includes previously closed tasks. I would think that these should no longer appear in the list of available tasks.

5. Setting of privileges in Setup/Addon Modules/Time Track Center need to be more granular. For example, I cannot assign support staff the ability to create tasks without assigning them full privileges.
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Re: Some suggestions for Time Tracking Center

Postby Piotr » 11th August 2014, 2:14 pm

Thank you for detailed list of your ideas.
We should be able to make good use of this, especially if it goes for currency.

I added your ideas to our consider-list for the next versions.
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