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Postby newwebsites » 27th November 2012, 11:30 am


I looked around your website but didn't see any demo of your products. I was going to hang around the forum, but you don't allow links in signatures. I like a link back to my website in return for hanging around.

I clicked on cpanel2 for whmcs more information and got taken back to your home page. I saw there was a free 7 day trial but it's not worth mucking around for a 7 day trial for something you don't give me proper info about. I might not have time in the next week to use it.

That's my feedback: give more if you want to get sales.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: signature links

Postby Piotr » 27th November 2012, 12:56 pm


I am glad that you pointed this out. We allow links in BB Code in both posts and in signatures after making at least 3 posts in our forums. After you do, the feature will enable automatically. It's a perfect solution to avoid spammers as you can see.

I have just checked the link to our cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS product which works properly:

I tried to enter cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS both directly and from our home page. Succeeded in both attempts.

Indeed, you can purchase or download 7 days free trial of each of our modules in 'Pricing' section.
This is a direct link to cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS Pricing section:

Each of our module's features page provides visitors the most important information about our products and their features.
For everyone who would like to obtain more information like: installation guide, configuration guide, management guide, tips, common problems, etc. we prepared ModulesGarden Wiki where you can read all the information and view tons of screenshots attached to each part of guide and functionality description.

Here is direct link to cPanel Manage2 Wiki:

Please let me know whether I solved all your doubts. I will be happy to assist you further.
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