IP Manager Issue

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IP Manager Issue

Postby bmsmithvb » 17th February 2016, 3:44 pm

I have about 2 days left on my trial of IP Manager but I am having an issue when creating a child subnet which I thought was possible until I opened up a support case but I'm afraid maybe I am being misunderstood by support since this seems like a very basic function.

I have subnet If I go to create a /30 subnet out of it, say, thats not a problem. However, when I go back to and ask to Create a child subnet, it will only allow me to make more /30s. Why can't I make a /29, or /25?

Is this a bug? If so, when will this be addressed and when is the new IP Manager being released. This seems very basic for a true IPAM tool.

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Re: IP Manager Issue

Postby Joanna » 18th February 2016, 1:25 pm

In its current version, the module has been designed to work the way you have described. This process however will be improved in the coming update and the option to enter any mask will be introduced.
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