WHMCS V8.9 Support - Modules List

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WHMCS V8.9 Support - Modules List

Postby Joanna » 22nd December 2023, 4:06 pm

The anticipation was building as we were all waiting impatiently for the official launch of WHMCS V8.9. Now we are thrilled to announce that this significant milestone has just been achieved, marking the end of pre-production testing and resonating even more intensely across our marketplace.

The news is that as a result of recent upgrades, more and more of our modules now ensure seamless integration with the latest version of WHMCS. The group is growing in members really fast, so make sure you are up to speed!

WHMCS V8.9 Support List.png
WHMCS V8.9 Support List.png (70.95 KiB) Viewed 798 times

In case you are afraid of getting lost in the flood of fast-flowing updates, you can always check which modules have confirmed their full compatibility – the full list you can find below will be regularly refreshed for your convenience.

Also, feel free to visit our website where you can easily follow every bit of progress in the ongoing compatibility tweaks – each module ready to operate smoothly with WHMCS V8.9 is marked with a vibrant red label, as you can see here:

WHMCS V8.9 Compatibility Label.png
WHMCS V8.9 Compatibility Label.png (13.94 KiB) Viewed 798 times

Don’t worry if the list doesn’t include the module that’s of interest to you. It just means it is still undergoing some further refining before its complete compatibility can be confirmed. In such a case, for now, just refrain from installing the product in the WHMCS V8.9 setup.

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