Set up a foolproof data protection scheme!

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Set up a foolproof data protection scheme!

Postby Dominika » 26th January 2018, 3:33 pm

The era of space-age technologies and worldwide access to Internet has proven something of a double-edged sword to the modern world. The more we are bombarded by the flashy websites with ever new promises of grandeur, the thinner becomes the line between a harmless browsing experience and running the risk of falling victim to cybercrime.

How many times did a secret that you had shared with someone got out? How did you feel then – disappointed, angry, humiliated? Now imagine the same scenario but on a global scale where it is your business's reputation that is at stake. Terrifying to even think about it, isn′t it?

Data Privacy Day - ModulesGarden.png
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On 28th January all companies around the world join in the campaign of spreading the importance of data protection as part of what was dubbed as Data Privacy Day. No matter if you run a multi-million dollar corporation or a start-up venture. Your data is equally valuable but also equally susceptible to security breaches if not properly safeguarded. Learn how to shelter your company from the dangers lurking around the virtual-space and spread the word to others!

Do not let cybercrime proliferate on ignorance and inattentiveness!
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