Resellers For WHMCS - Released - 25.03.2013

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Resellers For WHMCS - Released - 25.03.2013

Postby Piotr » 25th March 2013, 10:56 am

ModulesGarden Resellers For WHMCS allows your customers to become your resellers by managing their own customers and their orders through your WHMCS! Owing to our product, subclients through your resellers, can easily order services directly from you!

Resellers For WHMCS allows your customers to create subclients and assign them products, services and domains.
Additionally, subclients are able to log in to their own WHMCS accounts to manage their services, pay invoices, create tickets and more.

Our module gives your resellers the possibility to conveniently offer your products and services to their own customers.
With Resellers For WHMCS you will easily increase your profits!

✔ Features:

  • Set Up Contacts As Subclients (By Admin Or Client)
  • Complete Management Of Clients And Subclients From Admin Panel
  • Choose Subclient When Placing New Order
  • Assign Existing Products/Services/Domains To Subclient
  • Generate Invoices With Subclient's Details
  • Subclients Can List And Manage Assigned Products/Services/Domains/Invoices
  • Subclients Can Create and Manage Tickets
  • Subclients Can Receive Emails Related To Their Assigned Products/Services/Domains/Tickets/Invoices
  • Override Registrar Contact Details (When Registering Domain)
  • VIES And EU VAT For Subclients Will Remove The Tax (EU Companies Only)

✔ Additionally:

  • Supports WHMCS Version 5 and Later

✔ Planned Features For The Next Version:

  • Integration For Payment Modules (to have the same company information like subclient when he is making a payment)
  • Branding Introduction (logo, custom URL (CNAME record in DNS), email templates)
  • Subclient Will Be Able To Order Products/Services/Domains Directly From Branded Reseller Area.

More information about Resellers For WHMCS you can find on our website:
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Re: Resellers For WHMCS - Released - 25.03.2013

Postby 1-1hosting » 9th April 2013, 8:57 pm

This is great news. Will purchase soon
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Re: Resellers For WHMCS - Released - 25.03.2013

Postby infinex » 20th April 2013, 7:50 pm

This is one of the most genius script for WHMCS i have seen.
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