PanelAlpha v1.0.1 - Super Quick Onboarding with Extendify!

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PanelAlpha v1.0.1 - Super Quick Onboarding with Extendify!

Postby Anna » 22nd April 2024, 2:56 pm

Having taken a short breath after the CloudFest buzz, the team of PanelAlpha pulled up their sleeves once again and launched another version of their powerful platform. All in all, this is a realization of the promise made upon entering stability, that new achievements in WordPress automation were to be expected. Here it comes then!

PanelAlpha v1.0.1 offers even greater facilitation of one of the most essential actions taken within the platform’s realm, i.e. creating a new website. The implementation of the novel and revolutionary Super Quick Onboarding method allows for reducing the time of the initial website setup process to just a single click - this is basically what it takes now to direct the user straight to the WordPress administration panel where the further site management tasks can be carried out.

PanelAlpha v1.0.1 Release.png
PanelAlpha v1.0.1 Release.png (57.56 KiB) Viewed 163 times

Super Quick Onboarding is an experience that can be easily enhanced by taking advantage of one more noteworthy new arrival to the package of PanelAlpha features - integration with Extendify. This third-party platform enables users to effortlessly customize their websites, even if they have no technological expertise, but still want to enjoy professional-looking and visually appealing content. Sounds like it’s all not only promising, but also hassle-free, isn’t it?

Dive into the recently published Blog post to discover more about PanelAlpha v1.0.1!
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