PanelAlpha launches into the Stable Release!

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PanelAlpha launches into the Stable Release!

Postby Anna » 18th March 2024, 3:40 pm

PanelAlpha has just dropped a bombshell, announcing that they are officially in the production mode. And they did it only one day after launching the new, full-fledged website, which could well be a standalone piece of news. This is how the landscape of WordPress automation gets reshaped!

Having been watching their spectacular growth, we shouldn’t be surprised at all that one big achievement follows another. However, things in the PanelAlpha’s realm are happening at such a pace that our genuine admiration just has to be sprinkled with a pinch of astonishment.

PanelAlpha v1.0.0 - Stable Release.png
PanelAlpha v1.0.0 - Stable Release.png (67.83 KiB) Viewed 138 times

A lot can be said about the platform’s evolution. Instead of serving you just some bits, we’d like you to savor all of them. There’s no better way of doing it than diving into the recently published article in which the PanelAlpha’s CEO, Konrad Keck shares his experiences and visions concerning future steps to be taken on the path of the platform’s development.

Read Konrad’s insights and get to know PanelAlpha better!
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