cPanel Pack For WHMCS - Released - 08.02.2013

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cPanel Pack For WHMCS - Released - 08.02.2013

Postby Piotr » 8th February 2013, 1:57 pm

cPanel Pack For WHMCS is a special offer with new features and discount (you save nearly $50!) which will revolutionize the management of web hosting accounts!

cPanel Pack For WHMCS allows your customers to manage their cPanel accounts, DNS zones and records entirely from the clientarea. What is more, it allows you to bill your customers for specific resource usage like bandwidth or number of installed applications. Additionally your customers will be able to monitor their current resource usage and oversee a total cost of each used resource. And everything exactly on your website, in your own WHMCS!

✔ Combined Featuress:

  • DNS Management Of cPanel Account
  • Billing For Resource Usage
  • Display Of Current Resource Usage

✔ Additionally:

  • Full Functionality Of cPanel Extended For WHMCS (read more)
  • Full Functionality Of DNS Manager For WHMCS (read more)
  • Full Functionality Of Advanced Billing For WHMCS (read more)
  • Supports WHMCS Version V4.5 And Later

More information about cPanel Pack For WHMCS you can find on our website:
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