ProxmoxCloud and ProxmoxVPS Feature Suggestions/Requests

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ProxmoxCloud and ProxmoxVPS Feature Suggestions/Requests

Postby ioflare » 29th February 2016, 4:52 pm

Add the ability to specify storage location for additional disks in both proxmoxcloud and proxmoxvps and add a configurable option for additional disks space in ProxmoxCloud. This would allow providers to offer storage/backup VMs with primary storage on higher tiered storage like local SSDs or SSD cached Ceph and than the backup/storage on cheaper spinning disks or NAS systems.

Per VM minimum/maximum resource limits in proxmoxCloud. For example this would help us prevent clients from creating a lot of small VMs squandering limited resources like IPv4 addresses. We could also prevent clients from creating VMs with more CPU cores/sockets than physically available on the server/node.

Add to ProxmoxCloud the ability for clients to convert VMs to templates, only counting the disk space towards their resource usage, and then create new VMs from their own templates allowing them to scale up/down their infrastructure much faster.
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Re: ProxmoxCloud and ProxmoxVPS Feature Suggestions/Requests

Postby Joanna » 4th March 2016, 1:15 pm

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated! We are pleased to inform that all of them have been verified as viable, thus added to the list of features to implement in future updates. Thank you!
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