Integration with ISPmanager

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Integration with ISPmanager

Postby Duplika » 27th June 2016, 6:51 pm

The cPanel and Plesk extended module are great to make sure clients only work with our WHMcs, instead of having to keep and use multiple logins and platforms to manage their hosting account.

We found ISPmanager to be very useful on some setups, specially thanks to their native cluster support, and having it integrated with our WHMcs would allow us a painless transition for our clients.

Hopefully you consider integrating it:
  • Web:
  • API:
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Re: Integration with ISPmanager

Postby rocconeri » 8th July 2016, 5:13 pm

I'm also interested on it.
ISPManager is really a good panel, and I use it with WHMCS using ISPsytem WHMCS module.
An extended integration between WHMCS and ISPManager could be very interesting for the ISPManger user.
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