WHMCS V8.5 Support - Modules List

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WHMCS V8.5 Support - Modules List

Postby Joanna » 11th May 2022, 10:55 am

Just as your feedback pushes us to stretch our imagination in order to excel in software development, the energetic evolution of WHMCS opens up completely new horizons for our modules to grow further.

That's why, with the WHMCS V8.5 release having officially arrived, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to multiply the potential of our products with impeccable support for this brand-new edition of the system. Let the results speak for themselves - below you will find a complete list of modules that have been comprehensively customized to run smoothly in the most recent WHMCS environment.

WHMCS 8.5 Compatibility List.jpg
WHMCS 8.5 Compatibility List.jpg (71.63 KiB) Viewed 986 times

You can also quickly check the compatibility status of each module on our marketplace, because those offered with WHMCS V8.5 support have been highlighted with a fuchsia-colored label - just like the one shown below.

WHMCS 8.5 Label.png
WHMCS 8.5 Label.png (38.17 KiB) Viewed 986 times

Important: We have marked in blue those products that, despite their support for WHMCS V8.5 already established, do not yet work seamlessly with the "Twenty-One" system theme.

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